The Beginning

Hi, folks. It’s about a month into Fall today, and I thought I’d start documenting the process of my newest project. I recently took a trip to Chicago and went on a river boat tour of the architecture surrounding the Chicago River. If you ever find yourself in the area, I definitely recommend it. The amazing thing about it is how many decades of architecture you can find just on the banks of the River. Some of my favorite buildings were from the Art Deco era in the 1920s, and they inspired the design of my project – a hand spinner. I’m going to call it the Gatsby.

Here’s a sketch I did when I came back from the trip:

The hallmarks of art deco design are symmetry, geometry, and opulence. Buildings will often have long, unbroken vertical lines to draw the eye to the top and make them seem much bigger than they are. The “Gatsby” takes that motif and applies it to a pocket-sized spinner. To compensate for how the body gets thinner as the stepwise layers end, I made them thicker as they advance towards the vertical middle. So layer 1 is the shortest and thinnest, layer 2 is a few millimeters thicker and longer, and layer 3 is the thickest and longest. In theory, this adds towards the feeling of never-ending centrifugal motion and spin time by throwing the weight of the spinner outwards as much as possible. My goal here is to keep both form and function in balance – hopefully making a piece that is easy on the eyes and a kick to spin 🙂

Next on the to do list: buttons.

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