Spooky Update Post

Happy Halloween! Hope you all give out lots of treats and don’t fall for too many tricks. There’s a little parade going on downtown today that I’ll be going to. Before that happens though, I thought I’d write an update post.

The changes we talked about last time were made and as long as all goes well, this will be the final product. It’s been about a month in the making and quite a long journey, but we have arrived at Gatsby station. Final dimensions: 45mm length, 20mm width, and 12mm height. The buttons are 20mm in diameter. Planning for an initial run in CuSn8 bronze with a very limited number. I’m currently talking to USA-based machinists from the spinner community that we all know and love. Nothing wrong with manufacturing in China, of course, but I trust the work of machinists that I’m already familiar with most.

Let’s get in-depth about the changes. Obviously, buttons. I ended up going with my original plan of 2 steps down and 3 flats, mirroring the design of the body. I think it looks quite good together! And ergonomically, they should be a trick – er, I mean, treat.

Next, length. The original model from the last post was 42mm. I’ve increased it to 45mm, which is still pretty “mini” relative to other designs on the market, but still a decent length for comfortable spinning. Plus, the vertical lines on the body will make it look longer anyway 😉 For reference, the Torqbar from SCAM Designs (the first spinner ever made, in case you’re not familiar) is 57mm long, and the mini Torqbar is 40mm long.

And the last change I talked about in my previous post: the orientation of the outside curves. These now match all the others, and I think it helped the aesthetic the most out of all the changes made.

Now a change that I wasn’t anticipating: width of the sections. As Eli and I were talking back and forth about the design, tweaking it here and there, he had the idea to add just a millimeter or so to the middle section. See, once my original design was rendered, there was this optical illusion that made the middle section seem skinnier than all the others despite being the same width. Adding a little bit to the middle, and then re-centering everything, ended up looking really good. It also throws more weight outwards, so it’s a win-win situation in terms of form and function.

Now that I’ve made you read through all that, here are some pictures:

Material: CuSn8 bronze
Dimensions: 45mm x 20mm x 12mm
Manufacture: USA (hopefully)
Release date: TBA
Price: TBA

The release will be a drop. Once it’s ready, I’ll post here with more info. It will be a very limited number. And I’m not just saying that to create false rarity, it actually will be. If things look good on the drop, other materials could be in the works.

Thanks for reading!

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