Gatsby in the machine.

If you celebrated Thanksgiving, hope you had a great one! And if you didn’t, hope you had a great Thursday! It’s been raining cats and dogs here in the Bay Area, but I’ve been kept afloat by the festivities of the holiday season. Plus, machining of the Gatsby has started.

I’m pleased to announce that the Gatsby will be machined in British Columbia by the talented Jordy Wallace of FocusWorks EDC. If you’re not familiar with his work already, here are a couple examples:

The Supercollider hand spinner.
The Eryx F1 flashlight.

Jordy has also been machining spinners for a little over three years now and tops for over four. As you can see, he is no stranger to tough projects and I have complete faith in him when it comes to machining the Gatsby. Production will be done in 2-4 weeks. Here’s an in-progress picture for you:

And if that wasn’t enough to make you want one, I’ll also be getting bearings from a mainstay of the spinner community – FZEssentials. Each Gatsby will be using a hybrid ceramic stainless steel r188 bearing – the HC3z. Its sister bearing, the HC3, was used by the Guinness world record holder for longest spin time while balanced on one finger!

I chose the Hc3z in particular because of its spin feedback, tight tolerances, and because it’s known to reduce the judder in bar spinners when they rotate out of their plane. Since the Gatsby’s design throws weight outwards and therefore would increase judder, the HC3 series is a perfect complement for its spin. The “z” variant uses white ZrO2 ball bearings rather than the black Si3N4 ball bearings used in the standard HC3. I chose to use the HC3z because in my experience, ZrO2 bearings provide smooth feedback that is akin to an electrical hum. In comparison, Si3N4 bearings are more rumbly and a bit longer spinning. In both functionality and looks, I think the Hc3z suits Gatsby best.

I hope you’re all as excited to see this come together as I am. As always, thanks for following along.

Material: 655 Silicon Bronze
Dimensions: 45mm x 20mm x 12mm
Button height: 13.75mm
Button diameter: 20mm
Bearing: R188 HC3z

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