IMPORTANT – Drop Postponed

I expected to trip up a few times during the three-month-long sprint of taking the Gatsby from sketch to metal. There was a hurdle here and there, neatly jumped without too much worry, but Murphy’s Law has unfortunately come into play just as we’re reaching the final stretch.

Assembly of the first few Gatsbys went beautifully! I assumed the rest would follow similarly, and under the influence of holiday spirit, I announced the drop dates. I think you can guess where this is going. Jordy is a great machinist and all the spinners I received looked gorgeous, but many also had a penchant for swaying to the side like they’d had a bit too much eggnog. Flutter on the spinners was just noticeable with a two-handed spin. So I am sending them back to FocusWorks, where they’ll be set straight. Ultimately, I don’t want to send out an “almost perfect” product, and I hope you’ll understand.

Good news is you’ll have more time to save for the drop when the final final date is announced. And next time, I promise I’ll be sure before I say anything. So as of now, drop dates are TBD. Thank you all for your patience.

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